States I’ve visited! November 2017 update.


Visit all 50 states (driving through doesn’t count).

Visit all 254 counties in Texas (lol nope)

Climb Mount Everest I stayed in Breckenridge once for a few days and got altitude sickness at 8000′ and Everest Base Camp is at like 19K so lol nope; Into Thin Air; Also cost and generally being in shape. Cold.

7 continents
Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America
Need to train for a half marathon in Antarctica…I’d be down with a 5k or something shorter. Like just walking around on it for a minute.

5 oceans – Been in the Pacific, Atlantic. Need Indian, Arctic and Southern (but not swimming ’cause dumb). I didn’t know there were 5 until I saw a commercial last year

See Northern Lights

Be awake for 24 hours (sup GORUCK Heavy)

Places Paris. New York City. London. Berlin. Moscow. Washington, D.C. Rome. Sydney. Tokyo. Seattle. Yellowstone – was 2017 but canceled in favor of Israel

Go into SPACE

Eat a fancy meal – YES – L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

Polar Bear Plunge


Stay in that Ice Hotel

Glacier National Park, Montana

stuff and things
50 miler – I’m 0-2 against 50 milers.
100 miler

April 2017

315 squat
405 deadlift

Charts made here: