old School

Back in 2007 I was bored so I decided to take the GMAT. I “buckled down” which meant that I bought a study guide and signed up for the $250 test and then proceeded to not study until about the week before. Even then, that “studying” I did was about 10% studying and 90% drinking/playing video games…so that’s why I got a 540. That and I’m not smart. Excuses, excuses I know. I was making them back then and I make ’em today – albeit with less conviction. I had a bunch of stuff written but basically I ended up at the University of Dallas based mainly on proximity to work.

So now I’m in class and freaking blogging instead of paying attention. That’s money well spent, right? Hell, half the time it seems I could learn more from just reading the book and some articles and blogging about it instead of coming to class. Not that I would read the book but you get my point. I guess Matt Damon had it right in Goodwill Hunting about $1.50 in late fees (quoting from memory and it’s probably off).

Holy shit that movie came out in 1997. That movie is old.

Tomorrow’s post: I joined a cult.






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