So my car smells terrible because you shouldn’t let your ruck sit in there overnight in the trunk. I got to hang out with some old friends (ha, I’ve known ’em less than a year) and met some great new people down in Austin. We had a great Challenge class – 766 – and unfortunately I didn’t bring anything but beer and smiles but left with one less toenail than I started with. I need a re-do of this Challenge

I love going on road trips but what I love even more than road trips is getting home from road trips. Post-trips are always a good time for me because I can come home, unwind and be my anti-social self. I always thought that I was shy but from all these personality tests at school, I’m not shy – just introverted. Loud, drunken Bee is just an act. OK, maybe not the loud part. Or the drunken part. Hell, my name isn’t even Bee.