I was working…

I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, that much is true!

Patently false. I’ve never been a waiter (or waitress) because I’m not cool enough to do that – remembering names and meals for a bunch of people. Oh well, guess I can always be a waiter later if the whole school and work thing doesn’t work out.

I’ve got another Goruck Challenge tomorrow – class 777! Haven’t trained for it but I plan to do this one sober. 766 was not a good time for me (I’m sleeping in half the pictures it seems) and I want to have memories of this Challenge instead of seeing them in pictures.  I’m sure you people are tired of hearing me talk about it but hell, it’s my only hobby besides reading (currently reading Mortal Allies by Brian Haig).  I’m supposed to be reading my marketing and finance book but those books are lame so I’m reading some sweet, sweet fiction.

My goal to blog every day for the month of September is already a capital f Fail. I suppose that’s how everything goes when you fail. Miss one or two steps and then it kinda snowballs. Maybe if I blog multiple times in a day that’ll catch it up. That’s how it works, right?


[edit Aug 2017….did not achieve success]