yoga flame

Due to my failure to deliver the goods at GRC 887, I started training for the gorucks. I didn’t know what event I was training for next but I knew I couldn’t be Captain Failsauce all over again. Actually, if I’m being honest, I’ve wanted to sign up for HCL (Heavy, Challenge and Light back to back to back for those not in the #cult) since I heard about it. I mean, really, who wouldn’t want to suffer through that for two days straight?

“Heavy on Thursday, Challenge on Friday and Light on Saturday.” – GORUCKS
“That sounds horrible.” – Most people
“Sign me up.” – Dumbasses

So I was chatting with #Barto and said I’d get drunk that night (I may have been drunk at the time if we’re still being honest) and sign up and no shit, I didn’t sign up for it then. But…I had committed to it and that’s basically signing up for it as far as I’m concerned.

2 years ago I bought a yoga DVD and said I’d get on it but never did. Started jogging again this month and no shit my back started tightening up on me so I figured some yoga would help. I didn’t pop in the DVD but instead looked up some routines on YouTube. Found a ten minute video and the rest is magic.

Dude nobody told me I would cramp up that many times in that short of a period. I knew I had glute and hamstring tightness, maybe some calf issues, but damn!! Five cramps in 10 minutes on that first day. Today was the third day of doing rookie yoga and I was feeling a little saucy so I found a 20 minute routine. Only cramped up 3 times. Progress hell yes.


This is part of my new, advanced training.