dumb bee

So I did something dumb (again). I saw some people talking about the Master Cleanse again and was like “that’s stupid as hell but hey, I’ll give it a try.” They give you this syrup and make you mix it with water and lime juice and that’s all you drink for five days. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t do anything but I’m 48 hours into this and it’s a test of will power now. I want to quit, not because I’m hungry but because the idea of food right now sounds so amazing.

The coolest thing about this is that I can’t eat for five days.  Right now at 48 hours in, I’m not hangry or anything right now but I feel the coming on of a massive headache like when I tried paleo for 30 days last year (also dumb). Currently I do a half-assed intermittent fasting with my eating window from 10:00-18:00 but even then, I don’t eat that frequently. I probably need to eat more food and give up all that alcohol on the weekends.

Like most people, if you tell me I can’t do something a lot of times I will want to do it. So all I think about now is quitting and eating a sweet, sweet steak and downing 10 beers. I don’t have any hunger pangs but man food is going to be awesome when I get back to it. Last time I remember thinking this much about food was when I started IF a couple of years ago. Fuck stupid diets.

Wrote that yesterday.

Today I decided to quit at hour 68. I don’t see any value in continuing this. $60 lesson in retardation I suppose. I did learn that I can go close to three days without food and without being particularly hungry. I’ve been hungrier on days when I’ve eaten breakfast and lunch was only 3 hours away. Oddly enough, no headaches like back when I tried paleo so I don’t know what the hell.

One take-away from this is that when I get back on to IF I will actually do it right by adding in a fast day. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t seeing GAINZ.

This was a good experiment. Now I can kind of talk about how dumb it is by saying I tried it. I’m down 8 lbs due to not eating anything so let’s see how much I can keep off. I might try it again in the future when I don’t have any events coming up. I’ll also just drink lemonade because fuck paying $60 for maple syrup, cayenne pepper and laxative tea that I didn’t use. When you break it down like that it sounds like epic dumbness.

Pretty much me.






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