Good times with the leg blaster. I wanted to try one new workout Matt told me about from the Horsemen workout. It’s called Face Fuck:

1.  20X Squat
2.  10X Lunges each leg
3.  10X Jumping lunges each leg
4.  10X Squat Jumps

So that’s one set.

Rinse and repeat.

19 more times.

After the first set I knew I wasn’t going to be able to gut it out because of various excuses but I had a 5K to run the next day. At around set seven I started getting light headed and then in the middle of set eight I wanted to throw up. By set nine I didn’t know which option was better so I had to lay down on the floor out of fear of doing both at the same time. In the end, it took me 52 minutes to do ten sets. Matt was on 15 or so when I tapped out and he finished in ~70 minutes. Maybe I’ll add one or two sets a week until I get to pro level or at the very least, finishing the shit level. 51′ is the standard for 20 reps. So I’m thinking hoping when I actually finish it, it will be 100 minutes max.

That’s what I have to look forward to for later this summer when I get a break from running to try it out. I’m pretty stoked about that. There’s also the body weight 5 minute back squat challenge. Legs are going to own this summer and every summer from now on.

As for DOMS, I haven’t hurt like this since I started doing 5×5 a few years ago. Like all of my posts, this is a cry post. Feel free to ridicule me because I deserve it.


This is how I looked when I realized there were 10 more sets.