Year in review

So I’m laying in bed trying to sleep by not sleeping and thought about the past 18 months (“Year in review” sounds much cooler than “18 months in review/retrospect”) or so and how my life has changed since I joined The Cult. Like, before I joined GORUCK, basically all I did was drink a bunch of beer, go jogging and lift weights (sorta…like you can be sorta pregnant) and generally tried to avoid hanging out with people due to, well, a crippling fear of hanging out with people.

I’m glad everything has changed and I don’t do that anymore.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m joking. I do the exact same thing but now have people with similar interests to do it with.

“You know what would be cool dumb? Putting on a backpack with weight in it and walk around the city carrying heavy shit for no reason other than to hang out, get smoked doing calisthenics, build some camaraderie, learn about leadership, team building and take 3 or 4 cool pictures and promptly forget the names of 90% of the people you just spent 12 hours with?”

“Um…yeah! You had me at ‘dumb.'”

GORUCK Tough class 2383

So GORUCK is cool. I’ve met a lot of great people, a lot more assholes and it’s gotten me to get out and travel. Travel has never been a big thing for me (happens when you can’t afford it) but it’s neat and I’m glad I found a reason to get out and see stuff I would have never otherwise seen.

The bad thing about GORUCK is that I’ve been neglecting my friends pre-GORUCK aka my regular friends who have no desire to do a GORUCK and learn that it’s probably the coolest thing ever to pay someone to make you bear crawl all over the place. Come to think of it, they might be more thankful for this hobby of mine than I am. I am no longer around to get drink beer and bug the hell out of them. I mean, I am here and I’m coming back. I’m going to see you bitches on the weekends, weeknights we’re going to party until it’s time to go back to work and it’s going to be a Bee overload and then you’re all going to be like “dude GTFO and go do a GORUCK in another state, here’s some money to expedite the process” and it’s the mother f-ing Circle of Life from The Lion King.

I’m back bitches. Let’s drink some beer(s).