I declare 2015 the year of getting (some) things done…maybe. I’m not a very goal driven person like some of my friends are. I decided to set a goal to be goal driven but it turns out you can’t do that despite setting that goal nearly every year. Every year for me it’s like goal 1, goal 2, goal 3…goal x and I don’t think I’ve ever achieved any of them like they do in the movies with a cool montage and 80s music (best music). I have the attitude of “well, if it gets done it gets done” and I suppose that’s cool if you’re in your 20s and all you do is drink beer, pretend to workout and post shit on the Internets and mother of God, I’m in my early 30s and I’m exactly the same as in my early 20s.

Let’s compare now Bee and ten years ago Bee aka Bee 23 (set hut!):

Bee 23
Graduated college
Single #foreveralone #foreveralonebeeyang #faby #byfa
Have a white car
Not a serious dude

now Bee
Graduated college (again are you serious)
Single #foreveralone #foreveralonebeeyang #faby #byfa (no surprise here)
Have a white car
Not a serious dude

Slight differences…
Fatter (could be argued that there’s nothing ‘slight’ about how much fatter I am than when I was 23)

That’s kind of terrible. All the inspirational, live your life articles you read make you think you should have conquered the world by now, have a family, 2 car garage and some cats (cats are the best FYI) but nope, not me. I think that’d be cool but then you’d have to like, have actual responsibilities. I kind of enjoy being able to get really drunk and then sign up for dumb events I don’t really want to do but need to do so I have an excuse to go visit (I’m looking at you Culebra). That’s all well and good (and incredibly fun!) but I think I’ll take a step back and ease up on all the things. I will start by putting a breathalyzer on all my credit cards.

I’m efforting it. At work I was telling myself I was going to be serious about things and that lasted about as long as it took me to think about it and then nope, not for me. At least I tried again.

I guess I’ll make a couple of goals and take steps to see them through. Oh hey there are some chores I’ve been putting off forever…think I’ll do those now.