Living a Lie?

I spent all Thursday evening “packing” aka throwing everything I might need for the TaskForce Dagger Custom GORUCK Light into a giant pile of stuff on the ground and hoping I won’t need to buy anything (1- toothbrush) when I arrive in Charleston Friday morning (2 – Bourbon). In the past, OldBee™ tended to be an overpacker because he liked to have a backup of a backup but 2016 Bee is going minimalist (like 2007-2015 Bee but this time will be different, honest ?).
How much stuff do you need for a weekend GORUCK trip? Especially the first Black Light class of all time?! GR1, gloves, PT belt, water bladder, three pairs of silkies, three t-shirts, toiletries, Kindle and jam it all in the GR1 #donedeal right? False. I need to stick all of this inside some luggage because on the return trip, it will not be any fun to carry a wet, smelly ruck on my back.

OK so that wasn’t so bad and really the only difficulty I had packing was deciding which I AM BEE YANG shirt to bringto wear for the event. Which I wear jokingly but really, it has the unintended benefit in that everyone learns my name at events because Eric Fucking Wang decided to have these shirts made with my name plastered over all of them. So about half of my GORUCK introductions go like this: “hey how you doin’?” like I’m Joey Tribbiani and I’m hitting on them and they go “oh I know who you are” and mother fucker you’re supposed to tell me your name and not make me ask you again ??? Next most common is a stranger who hasn’t heard of me (my favorite) and then least common (and my least favorite) is when they say “oh yeah we met at x-event” and that’s awkward. Then I try to friend them later and find out we’ve been FB friends for two years. The flip side of that is that I don’t know or haven’t met like half of my FB friends. Damn you GOCULT™
This constant chatter and talking with people on top of my internal monologue has made me think that I actually like talking to people. Not only that, sometimes I look forward to meeting new people and “seek out new life and new civilization.” That’s hard for me to contemplate but I guess I’ve been a chatting mofo for a while now. I am so broken inside.

I don’t imagine that’s a difference maker or anything of consequence but we’ll see. Maybe I’ve been living a lie about being an introvert? I hate myself. I also hate you. It’s beer time my head hurts.