DC Heavy mediumest eavy

I’m going after my sixth Heavy tomorrow in Washington D.C. I actually wasn’t planning on doing the event because I was hoping that my foot would have not liked the miles at the GRT Reunion in NOLA but my body betrayed me and didn’t blow up down there…so now I’m here and woefully underprepared. For those that know me, that’s saying a lot.¬†Normally I’m bitching about being not ready but really, this is the least in shape I’ve been in for a Heavy. I haven’t done a pushup or situp (lol) since forever. My last 12 miler I practiced was like two years ago but aside from that, I’m freaking ready to rock! Mentally, I am in a good place as I look forward to seeing what I can survive with not even a modicum of fitness.

It’s certainly not ideal but what can you do? I mean, besides actually train, not sign up for the event last week or suck it up and do it…quietly, without a dumb blog post.

That’s not my style but that actually sounds like a really good idea. I’m going to fake an injury to my cardio muscle and tap out but maybe actually be dropped for being the worst at PT ever.

Let’s talk event gear and specifically what’s in my ruck (like that Lee?). Even at 5’3″, there is a lot of talk about 0 vs 1 due to ruck height but that’s never bothered me. I like to go with the regular GR1 because it’s my original ruck and this is going to sound crazy but my GR1 (19 events) straps are softer, more cushioned and more comfortable than my GR0 (8 events) straps. That’s an unofficial measurement as I don’t have a testing standard for softness. Also it can hold more Mangoritas (Mangorita Standard).

Inside my ruck I like to use 1″ velcro strips threaded through the MOLLE to hold my bricks up high on my back as that leaves room in the bottom for Mangoritas (or a Nalgene bottle/food if you’re lame). I also carabiner my water bladder inside at the top so I can get the water when it’s needed.

Uh…that’s actually all I carry. It’s not that difficult.
For clothes, I have an odd need to wear an IABY shirt that Eric has designed (because he’s dumb). Silkies (not Ranger Panties because there’s only two ways to get those: be a Ranger or sleep with one), any shoes will work but I wear Rocky C4Ts (because I got them on sale) and a pair of Darn Tough socks. Then I put Leukotape P on my foot because I have bitch feet and get blisters all the time.