Big Cinnamon

Turns out that if you do enough of these events in your life, you meet some cool people and forge some wonderful friendships. I mean, I guess I could just go out and socialize with the unwashed masses but that requires going outside just to go outside so…no. With friendship come memories, memories of hating life while carrying things, lending a helping hand or just talking to someone. In Denver, I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with my GORUCK bff and travel buddy Jenks. He is a pretty cool dude (obv you have to be if you want to roll with me) and what better way to learn about him than through out-of-context quotes??

“Bee I don’t need you to tell me how to drive. I need you to tell me where to drive.”

“Oakley’s are awesome until you take them out of the box. Or use them outside. Or wipe the fingerprints off and you have one grain of sand on your T-shirt.”
“Jenks you have two 280/281 patches in here.” -bee

“Yeah I bought four of those because I thought I was never going to do another one again.”

“Two minutes of heaven is better than…two minutes of not heaven.”
*sees Brian putting cinnamon in his coffee*
“I don’t do life changing things often, but when I do, I do them on a whim.”

*immediately dumps too much cinnamon in his coffee*

“Big Cinnamon. Military Cinammon Industrial Complex. We’ve fought wars over cinnamon.”

“I have this medical condition that precludes me from seeing hipsters.”

*tries to run over hipster in crosswalk*
However, my favorite comment/quote of the last two months though has to be after DC Heavy –