The Bomber Bash continued-er

That was my 30th 29th event in 47 months (not including Trek/FAD/Scav /FyA but that number is 40)~. Also my second Light in SBC. Sounds like a lot but it’s really not. It’s like 1 event every seven weeks, on average. Especially when you start comparing it to other people (which you should never do) but looking over my event history, I’ve done about 8 GORUCK events a year after that first one with a smattering of other events interspersed here and there. I’m behind on my events this year now that I think about it.

But back to the Bash. There were a bunch of fantastic cars where you could see that the owner(s) put in a lot of work into it. Like Darrick’s. I think it was an old Army truck that he chopped up. At any rate, loud as hell and slammed ridiculously close to the grass. When he started it up, it ripped some of the grass up off the ground. Bad ass! Now let me hop into my four door family sedan with hail damage afterward…not as bad ass.


So that’s the Bomber Bash. Lots of fun cars, fun people and fun beer. For me it’s not about the cars so much as it is the latter two. I suspect that many of the GRTs came out for the same reasons as well. Not that there’s anything wrong with cars. I’d be happy to own some of them but that’d be a fleeting moment of happiness. I imagine things have less value than experiences do for most people. If not, and I’m going to be judge Bee here, you should fix that.

Discussing foot care techniques.

So this is the day after and everyone is hanging out having some good times. I thought the beers were good but others had differing opinions. Also, it was hot. Like, incredibly dumb hot. Most people would only hang outside for a few minutes and then head for cover and then acquire some beers. I thought about busting out my shemagh (one of three) but why use that when there’s a roof over your head? Oh because I bought it and almost never use it, got it.

All the cool kids in this pic. That’s why I wasn’t invited to sit down.

It’s fun to see friends you haven’t seen in a while. I kinda felt bad (one of two feelings I have) because I’ve seen some of these GRTs more in the past three months than I have my real friends (pre-cult) but then I got over it. Although it does make me reach out (send annoying text) to my peeps to see how they’re doing though. I had a brief thought that my friends who didn’t get a message would be mad but I’m sure none of them read this based on my read statistics so whatevs. I’ll just get drunk and text all of you. You’re welcome.

Some good people in this picture. Also there’s David. They must have sat around for 30 minutes just trading stories, fun to be there!

One thing I noticed (not for the first time) this weekend was that when I talk or think about someone, I think of an interaction I’ve had with them as a way to recall their face. I wonder if my mind tags that as our greatest moment together. I think I stole that from Saving Private Ryan but I guess that’s just the way the mind works. Here’s a few:

Dan – awkward dad jokes (all of them)

Bomber – shirtless hug

Eric – stupid bee yang shirts

Cristina – stupid bee yang shirt

Jenks – “Ralph” at Trek

Christina – sho u right

Patrick – young punk

Qsik – young punk

Christian – Nice to meet you.

Jason – dying in an ambulance LOL

G – calling me ‘idiot’ in his French accent. Makes me sound like a sophisticated idiot though.

Those probably mean nothing to most of you but that’s what I think about when I talk to my peeps. If you want to know yours, message me or comment I guess.

Stolen from the internets. Good message though.

Later in the day:

I see another buddy. Ask him where his significant other was. You guessed it.


This is me after going 0-3 this weekend.

I think I’m done asking you people in relationships where your better half is talking to anyone. I’ll just assume everyone is happily together and never inquire again. I say that now but after drinking I’ll probably forget and make it awkward for everyone around.

Yeah, I’ll do that.