not windy

It’s not windy here today in Irving.

It’s actually rather pleasant. Not cold. 77 degrees.

You know what that means? Trip planning weather! There isn’t actually any official trip planning weather because I guess that would be whatever the weather is when you’re planning the trip.

I started planning a trip last week and asked around on the Facebooks for some help and it turns out, people are actually very helpful. Go here, don’t go there, that’s murdery, get food here, travel this way, that way. Who knew? But you people apparently don’t know me because I told them where I wanted to go and 5 of 6 people asked me why I was going.

Like, really dude?

Not official BJ Tours

I am a giant GORUCK dork who travels everywhere as long as there’s a GORUCK at the end of the road. So if I’m traveling, it’s GORUCK or with some GORUCK Peeps.

Hey there’s a GORUCK there, want to go?

“Yes, but not with you.”


I’m not rich. Just relationship poor.


I’m terrible at planning trips though. If I’m tagging along or waiting on someone else, I’ll get all anxious and want to book everything super early because I can then plan everything off of that. Which, if you travel with me, is reading a book half the time, the other half is filled with eating and drinking and merriment and waking up late and not remembering anything about the night before.

Example from Belize:

“Man I swear we were at this bar yesterday. The one with the swings.”

“…yes. How did we end up here?”

So maybe traveling with me is not a good thing. But being a friend will randomly get you an invite if I think you’d have a chance of being interested.

best message

But anyway, I’m trying to go to Tel Aviv to get some international GORUCK Heavy action in me. Or done to me. I’m ready to book and ready to pay but I’d hate to book it and have the event canceled on me. This will also afford me the opportunity to explore my Jewish roots…or whatever.

I’m afraid to book it for fear of event canceling because then I’d be in Israel during Passover without 48 hours of my vacation life being accounted for.

I suppose there are worse fates.

I need more courage to travel.

Not drunk here!

Unless I’m drunk. Then you have to ignore everything above, this shit would be booked, and I would just rock out.