bffs or nah

Care to share your thoughts, if any, on this article in the Boston Globe regarding loneliness? Summary- dudes get older, hang out with friends less, loneliness is nearly as dangerous as smoking. I’ve asked a few friends their opinion on it, maybe ’cause I’m kinda experiencing it now. Not the loneliness. Or the smoking. Just the obesity part. But more importantly, I’m not seeing my married/with children friends much lately. Or hell, even seeing my single peeps. Sure, sounds legit. I am always alone because people…are people.

“Alone but not lonely.” I stole it from the Internets way back when. Eric said he heard that in a little known film called Heat. Here’s another thing (article – New York Times article) I got from Eric regarding making friends when you get older. Or how difficult it is to do so. But enough about Eric, let’s talk about me. I’m lucky I joined a cult and have friends (acquaintances, really, if we’re keeping score) through it. Which is all well and good but it’s hard (not impossible) to forge lasting friendships through a brief 4-48 hour window of PT.

Why have friends when you can walk away with a scooter by yourself?

It’s not like you can look into the windows to her soul…you said it right?


“You tend to focus on what is most emotionally important to you,” she said, “so you’re not interested in going to that cocktail party, you’re interested in spending time with your kids.”

Here’s a quote from the second article which I think is pretty accurate. The things that used to interest me in my 20s, e.g. getting blackout drunk and napping, definitely don’t interest me anymore. Now? I like to travel and do events and get blackout drunk and nap. See? Look at all of that personal growth and change!

growth in the belly area amirite?

The things I like doing the most, reading while wearing short shorts, infrequently writing blog posts, and traveling/GORUCKing now occupy all my free time. Which has me missing out on chances to hang out with my friends. But this will change. I’m taking a small break from traveling. Not because I realize I’ve been neglecting existing friendships and want to hang out with you more but because I’ve used up most of my vacation this year. So that means more Bee time, more “put on some pants ’cause nobody wants to see those legs” time, and more importantly, let’s drink time!

Here’s what some of my friends and acquaintances do. Not me though. That ruck is glued to my head.

From no friends, to friends, and back to no friends. It’s a seven year cycle and as Stephen King says “Ka is a wheel, its one purpose is to turn.”

Now’s the time to have me all up in your business, right? Every weekend for the rest of 2017!


Maybe…maybe not. You’re still you and people are people after all.