day 4

Day 4- Jerusalem

I woke up at 0930 and having nothing on the checklist aside from waking up, I walked around downtown a bit see what it looked like in the day. It was a lot more crowded and definitely hot. I ended up walking by many of the bars that we went to the night before. That was a little trippy.

So I took a knee, drank water, and walked through town, found a nearby park and sat down to read what I could of the Monuments Men. Eventually I had to take a 20 minute nap in the park. You can’t help but reflect on your lifeis a different life than what I’d be doing here in Texas.I watched a dude set up a slack line behind me and then him and some guy who ended up being his buddy decided to do some slack line tricks. I don’t know this being from Texas lazy or having nowhere to go, but lots of people enjoy hanging out in the park, apparently.

Dude did his Daniel LaRusso impression and crane kicked some mofos in the face.


After being a weirdo laying down in the park, I decided to get up and go to the restaurant we were at a few days prior so I could drink all the beers and use all the free wifis. This worked until my peeps finished their tour and so we met up again at the pizza place. Surrounded by all that history and culture, I chose to go drink beer and play on the Internets. I was comparing travel styles with VP and she will have everything booked to the brim with tours or things to do and I’m over like “uhhhh beer is good and this bar stool might fly away if I get off of it.”

I then linked up with Kham and Stacy and Christina again, ate pizza, flagged a cabbie down to share a cab to Tel-Aviv, and the driver was terrible. I’m now accustomed to cabbies hauling ass, honking at anyone who doesn’t start driving before the light even thinks about turning green. This dude was slow and would drive between two lanes on the highway. How quickly you adapt to life when you’re out and about.


non-kosher pizza during Passover
non-kosher beer at the wifi restaurant

Back in Tel-Aviv, I had to navigate for him cause Waze was going crazy. Luckily I had covered this route while walking around Carmel Market and Old Jaffe earlier in the week.

From here, being beat, we took naps and eventually Kham took off for home. I want to say I woke up and went out and crushed the nightlife but all I crushed was snoring in my tiny ass hotel room. It was great.

The moral of the story is don’t travel with me if you want to do shit every day. I want to chill half the days.