Spectacularly Normal

This month has been pretty good and it’s been pretty normal, come to think of it. Maybe all I needed was a shift in perspective?

*queue dramatic musics*

OK, not that dramatic or perspective changing but I’ve been rocking out to that all day today [November 13, 2017]. It puts me in a good mood, Christmas music. Maybe it’s some of the other changes I’ve made this month.

Last month I set out to earn my ‘you done?’ patch in November. The goals this month are more internally focused (sleeping, meditating) and not physical (miles, weight, weights, etc). At some point in October, I got annoyed with myself (more than I normally do) and said I’d stop bullshitting myself- I am going to stay fat forever and enjoy it.

you done lying to yourself?

OK damn as much as I like being fat and lazy, I can do that for the rest of my (short) life. So hell, let’s get after it. Progress report so far:

✔️ Daily Meditation

✔️Sleeping more (in bed between 20:00-22:30 instead of 00:30-02:00)

✔️Drinking once this month

OK, I’m still fat and lazy but at least I got some inner peace, yeah?

you done listening to your own bullshit?

No, I’ve a lot of bullshit stored up. All right, so workouts. I’m actually working out. 5/3/1 and it’s been cool ‘cause I get to do a more regimented PT and I’ve been seeing some quad definition. I spend an inordinate amount of time (about 60 seconds) every day looking at my quads

you done making excuses? 

Well, soon as I said I wasn’t drinking this month (except the one night) I went and bought a bunch of ciders.you done?Hell nah. As long as I’m alive I’ll keep lying that I’ll lose some weight, sleep more, and meditate more.

Damn it. I guess.