Office Space

What’s your home office setup like? And chair, specifically? Nothing like this chair and 9 hours of crushing e-mail replies and tickets to get the blood going!! I don’t know if I want to upgrade my chair. A new one of these is $9 at Target and I don’t know if that’s in the budget. I joke because I’ll buy another bag I don’t need, no problem, but a chair? Damn, this thing has been holding my fat ass up for ~11 years now. Still, everyone that sees a picture of my chair is not impressed.

We’ve been working from home for a couple of weeks….feels like years now to be honest.and then I took the next two days off because I was supposed to go camping but that was canceled. So do I take the two days off anyway or get back to work? I took ‘em off. I don’t know if that was the appropriate thing to do but hell, we could be laid off or whatever. Or I could be struck by a meteorite, come what may.

the nerve of some people

With all this quarantine talk all I’ve thought about is L O S T when in Season 2 homeboy wakes up and goes through his routine (and also Groundhog Day). That might be my life. But without the Make Your Own Kind of Music, record player, world ending scenario for failing your duty, and of course, fitness.

But other than that, totes the same. Wake up and do work while chilling on my chair – that I also game in. Take a break. Vacuum. Dude I’ve vacuumed so hard these last few weeks. I started eyeballing fancy vacuums.

It’s just a chair people.