Judge Bee is in session

I’m very judgmental.

That’s right I said it. If I’ve met you or interacted with you (even if it’s just online) then I’ve judged you in some way. I don’t think it’s a horrible thing. I judge everything. I judge the asinine more harshly than Serious Life Choices™ because all the things are not as important as some of the things. Shoes, clothes, political beliefs, NFL teams. You know when you ask someone if they care about something and they reply “I don’t care?” Well…I don’t care but 100/100 times I will have an opinion but not want to share it with you. Republican? Democrat? What shoes should I wear? Do I need another beer? Do I want to waste my money on this stupid item?

I will have an opinion about whether or not you should and have it within two seconds of you asking me and you know what? It doesn’t matter what I think. Or what most people think. For lack of a better phrase and although I hate platitudes, it is what it is. It’s not necessarily a Bad Thing and I don’t gain or lose respect for people (I hate it when people say shit like that because really, shut up) but I think everyone does it.

I judge everything. It’s not in a negative way, if that makes any sense. It’s that I will form an instantaneous opinion about anything and everything because that’s the way I am. If you ever talk to me and I give you a quick answer…this is why. That’s not to say I don’t go back on things that have been judged by Judge Bee. Gloves. Yes, I used to think they were gay as hell but hey, they serve a purpose. Who knew Old Bee would like warm hands when driving in the morning? It’s the same with scarves, sunglasses and koozies. I used to have a strong opinion on these but now I have seen The Way, The Truth and The Light™ and have changed my ways.

I’ve learned that you react the way you react based on your beliefs and upbringing and current mindset and most people won’t be able to relate. Hell, you can be wrong about a lot of things and people and it’s OK as long as you learn from it and grow from it. I’ve undertaken an absolutely-not-so-serious study of Buddhism as of late and I’m learning more and more every day. I guess those old people were right – the more you learn, the more you learn you don’t know. So I try to keep an open mind. I will judge and then give the benefit of the doubt. Don’t prove me wrong. Or do, it doesn’t matter, does it?


Judge this!






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