beautiful things

Love the song but this morning I had a dental cleaning (Dental plan. Lisa needs braces!) and every time I go for a cleaning the dentist and hygienist say “you have beautiful teeth.”


So I thought that was a little weird but every dentist I’ve been to has said that. I thought that was cool and normal but I asked around and other people have not been told that. So either I have beautiful teeth or I have weird ass dentists.

In not-weirdo news, it was my first day back lifting at the gym with some renewed sense of purpose. Of course I immediately spot some chick at the gym who can curl more than me but since I don’t do much curling (or lifting) I’m OK with that. What’s not cool is that when she squats she doesn’t have butt wink. It is my mission to resolve my butt wink issues in 2014.  I read a lot of blogs, articles and whatever I can get my hands on but I’m know I’d progress faster with some guidance. I’m hesitant to get a coach because I want to do pretty much everything on my own. Still, I don’t really want to ask for help because I am a stubborn asshole and want to do it on my own.

I basically don’t have anything to talk about since I’m not gorucking. This is awesome. I can shut the hell up.

tl;dr – nice teeth, weak glutes, hamstrings and tight hip flexors.