giving up

I’ve basically given up on things that ten-years-ago-Bee would fight current-Bee over. Not that it matters but I used to change my own oil and do all sorts of shit like that. I’d do it out of a sense of being self-sufficient and I’d do it much, much faster (TWSS) than going to the station around the corner, waiting in line and them trying to up-sell an air filter or other fluids. But now I just don’t care nor do I want to do it. Now I would rather just pay someone to do it, even if it takes longer half the time. Maybe it’s just apathy. It costs more and takes longer…doesn’t make sense.

Another thing I gave up on is video games. Past-Bee would play a game and not look up anything to beat it but Current-Bee bought a bunch of games through the Humble Bundle holiday deal last year and has played all of 1/6 of the games he purchased. I stopped playing Darksiders about 10 months ago and tried to get back into it this week but fuck, I don’t remember the controls and really, PC gaming is not for me. So I cheated and looked up a walkthrough. That lead to me just reading the walkthrough to get the story from what I played 10 months ago to try to figure out why the Hero is on this particular quest. Turns out there are all sorts of awesome walkthrough videos on YouTube and now I’m just watching this instead of playing the game itself.

Much easier and better.

I’m still going to play Metal Gear Online when it comes out so I can get massacred online but other than that, I’m done with PC gaming for the most part. Except maybe Minesweeper…I got 60-something seconds on expert level with two lucky clicks. I guess this $1200 gaming PC I built last year specifically so I could game on PC is just a fancy, Internet reading machine and is now just like my old and busted 5 year old PC that served the exact same purpose.

Also, if you link me to a video there’s a 10-15% chance I will watch it. If you link me to an article there’s a 95% chance I will read it and 100% chance I will at least skim it. Don’t link me to videos!