winter is coming

Actually, it seems to have arrived here in full effect. But enough about what’s going on outside, let’s talk about what’s going on on the inside. Specifically my body and pain (not feelings, I’ve heard about those but I don’t want anything to do with them if at all possible) and it hurts on the right side of my body when I take a deep breath. So I did what most people do, I hit the googles up.

Before I tell you I have the ebolas or whatever, this pain started Thursday while I was sitting in my cubicle trying to figure a way to duck out of work early ’cause of the weather (I wasn’t alone since the parking lot was 50% full when I got out there), my side started hurting. Hurt when I stood up, walked or hell, just being alive. I hadn’t worked out in a couple of days so I don’t think that was it. The most physical thing I did recently was eat two hard boiled eggs in a single sitting.

Back to google, I either have appendicitis, a gallbladder problem or a kidney infection. I found a way to breathe though – I have to lay on my left side, stretch out my right side and I can take a deep breath. It hurts but it’s not nearly as bad. This isn’t end of the world pain but it is annoying.

In real world news: as I sit here with my pants on (the most productive thing I did today was put on pants), I hear cars driving by and it sounds like they’re going to crash into my apartment any second now. If I die from a combination of some dude crashing into my apartment or actually having a serious medical thing, please delete my browsing history. You can have the computer and all but at least save me some dignity.

Anyway, I hope it’s just gas. I’ve had hangovers worse than this.icemageddon

That’s as far I went out today. I guess I didn’t actually go out I just opened my door and snapped a picture.