ice ice baby

All right stop.

Ice ain’t a big deal if you can stay home like I had it planned. Basically this weekend was like most of my weekends where I stay inside my apartment and don’t go outside until Monday morning. The only difference is I had to go out and clear off 1.5″ of ice on my car. I don’t have an ice scraper so I took my broom and beat that ice into submission. I probably scratched my car up but whatever, it’s a car, it’s paint. It still functions. That’s part of “letting go” and realizing that it’s just a car.

It will be wrecked, scratched and dinged up but ultimately, it’s just a tool. Something I use to get around in and transport stuff. As long as it works reliably and has air conditioning, I’m OK. I don’t invest a lot of emotion into it because I know it will break down and be replaced at some point in the future. This attitude is helped by having driven a bunch of beaters in my time. Also buying a new car once (just to get the experience) and then realizing a few weeks later that brand new ain’t all that.

Back to the ice. In the process of clearing it off my car, I broke the wiper blade. Not the factory arm but the replaceable part so I had to make a short trip to AutoZone and get a replacement. Judging by the 10 wiper blades in the trash can I was not alone in my failure today. I’m reminded of 2011 when we had an ice storm and I didn’t have anything with which to scrape the ice so I used a shovel we had. It scraped the ice off but also scratched the shit out of my windshield. It’s a daily reminder of my failure as a man to prepare.

The Six P’s: proper preparation prevents piss poor performance.

“Well, good things come to those who wait. But so do bad things.” – Sean Drummond