road crew

This is how I envision the guy who de-ices the big bridges I go over on my way to work’s blog would look:

So I got the call to go into work at 20:00 Sunday night and de-ice some bridges. Get to work, hop in my de-icing truck and head out into Tarrant County. I know, to save time I’ll just de-ice every other bridge.

*gets to bridge*

De-icing, commence!

*gets to bridge, skips bridge*

Damn this bridge sure is icy.

*gets to bridge*

De-icing, activated!

*gets to bridge, skips bridge*I ain’t going home this way, that damned bridge is dangerous. There’s only one lane open! Someone should de-ice it.

*gets to bridge*
Well this bridge is in Dallas County so I don’t have to do it, union rules.

So that’s why I was late Monday. Bridges were jacked up and the two big ones I go over were incredibly…untouched by the road crews. They’re busy, I get it. Can’t be everywhere and do everything but man, the roads and bridges on both sides of those were incredibly cleared of ice. It’s like they said “fuck that bridge, it’s dangerous! I ain’t getting on that with my 5 ton safety truck” and phoned it in. Better yet, union rules. Union says they don’t have to de-ice it if they don’t want to. This would’ve been better to post on Monday but I wasn’t feeling it and now the rage/passion that inspired this post it gone.