I suppose it’s fitting that my previous post was called “quitting” because I’m about to quit this free blog and pay money to do litrly the exact same thing but over on my new site That was an easy site migration because WordPress made it so. It’s like ten clicks from export to import. Fantastic.

The domain idea came about as I was getting motivated to plan and document 2017. What better way than to make a website so I can load all of my fancy charts on there and then never update it?

Which also made for a sweet post title of “beginning.”

Anyone that knows me will testify that I am not the most uh…driven person they’ve ever met. I don’t set goals and definitely don’t crush them because that’s not my style. I’m more into “hey that sounds cool let’s try it” and then not putting any effort into succeeding at the things because, again, effort. But something’s changed (hopefully) this time around and that’s meditation. I’m not the best at it (no spiritual enlightenment here) but I’ve been doing it for 5-15 minutes a day for the past few months and it’s been amazing. Near-daily practice has led me to worry less about things, focus on things that are important to me and overall, I’m happier.


Through that practice I’ve decided to try something different.

I’ve never been a 1-5-10 year plan kind of dude because that sounds dumb and takes work. However, I’m going to try it for a 5 month goal and tell myself I’m dumb for trying it. It’s roughly a 5 month event instead of 6, 12, 24, 42 hour, monthly challenge. 1 – 5 year plan lol nope.


Here are my goals that have been “sure let’s try it but not really” goals in the past.

Goals by December 31, 2016


  • 315 back squat
    • Back at 215 5×5 squat aka little bitch
  • 350 deadlift
    • 320 is my PB a few years ago and that felt like it went up easily. I put 325 on and it was like ‘lol nope look at you being a little bitch’
  • Lose 15 pounds
    • Gotta do something about all that beer I drink or drink but mostly not be a little bitch
  • Train for an ultra (nebulous)
    • Need to see how to do this with as little distance running as possible. I’ll have to follow Duennael Gelorme’s plan he did last year successfully. In keeping with the list theme, also not be a little bitch
  • <stuff and things>

There isn’t a penalty for not-completing this goal because in the past, I’ve had financial penalties (donate money to a cause you oppose) and I’ve just paid the money because I’m a terrible person who doesn’t feel bad about not feeling bad. I’m still receiving letters from the RNC asking for more money.

I made a Facebook group for some like-minded individuals who want to plan/dream/explore all the stuff and things and if there is room, have others join you. I’d really like everyone to make a list and timeline(s) of things they want to do and when they will do them so, selfishly, I may see your plans. Mostly though, it’s been fun to see everyone’s plans.

If you’d like to join please click here. It’s a more…serious group and not like the IABY group so uh…less shenanigans in there.

This is likely my final post on this site and I’ll be moving all the posting to my other site. I don’t think I have more than a handful of subscribers though so no big deal I reckon.

Unrelated but related: my buddy Jason told me he reads my posts in my voice/diction/drunkenness and he says it’s funnier that way. But how do people I’ve never talked to read it? Good question, let me know if you’re so inclined. I suppose it’s like me reading someone else’s posts and not having a narrator to it?