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So all I ever do now is talk about GORUCK but if you’re reading this then you already know that. Fact is, I love talking about GORUCK because it was such a life altering experience and not because I’m a one dimensional dude who needs to pick up additional hobbies to have other stuff to talk about. Well, that’s mostly true…like I only talk about GORUCK…96% true? Carry the one…reciprocals *mathmagics* = 96%!

Now if “life altering” sounds kind of hokey and far out there, that’s because it is. I don’t mean it in a metaphysical way but well, it’s had a big impact these last four years on what and where I do things in life. Life altering, not because of that first event (which was terrible), but from the aspect of joining a community and perhaps more importantly, the relationships that have been developed through that community.

Prior to GORUCK, you would find me spending all my time drinking beer, reading books and not working out. Now, well, that actually hasn’t changed as I still do those same things but now I get to do those in short shorts and grey t-shirts. I travel more, do things I wouldn’t otherwise have dared to (perhaps it’s GORUCK, or perhaps a side-effect of growing up/maturing) and I have met a ton of awesome people from around the country. 

Life altering, dude.

Since it was like that for me, I wanted to know other peoples’ thoughts on it. I wanted to see if they had the same initial reaction of nopenopenope.jpg. One of my favorite things to do when meeting other GRTs (they are ‘GORUCK Tough’ – someone who has completed a GORUCK Challenge) is to ask them about their experience at their first Challenge. Every Challenge is different and that’s because of people, weather, location and again, people. So I asked some of my friends about their first event – if they ever felt like quitting or if they thought they’d do another event.

One group contains those who, during the event, swore up and down that they would never do another GORUCK. They learn that there is a surprising amount of hatred inside them. Often, hatred they didn’t know they could feel. Towards themselves, towards their teammates, towards the cadre, towards the stuff they were carrying, back again towards themselves and the poor decisions they continually make in life. When it was done they knew they were done as well. I am happily one of these people. See, I’ve got feelings.

Did you want to quit?

During EVERY Challenge.” – Man Dorales

Every single one.” – Mristina Cendoza

“[I] thought my arm was going to fall off.” – Tichard Rrujillo

This second group is comprised of those who realized how bad it sucked and were still willing to do another GORUCK. I like to imagine that these are the people who were miserable and hated their lives mid-event but found a way to hang on…kinda like those memes of cute cats hanging onto the edges of things. Except they were dirty and smelled like pond scum. These people are true to themselves and we should all aspire to be like them.

Did you think you were going to do another event?

Finished at Montrose Park in Georgetown. Cadre patched us, gave us each a beer. I sat under a tree and said ‘well that was miserable, never again.’ Two days later I signed up for a Scavenger and St. Patrick’s Day GRC.” – Wark Mitt

Wanted to quit, swore I would never do another, then signed up for one within 24 hrs.” – Ron Jichardson

Hated it while it happened and then wanted to do another right as I knew we were about to finish.” – Wonnor Cood

I think I was too cold to think about it. But I loved it honestly.” – Srian Birak

I knew I’d do more.” – Reddy Tichard

Immediately signed up for another. I’m also stupid.” – Khris Cuzela

*Names changed to protect identities

The last group is one whose ranks I’ve wished to join up to and through every event. From roll-call to endex I wished I was smarter or just made good decisions in general. These people do one event to see if they can do it and then talk themselves out of doing any more. Or maybe they’ve done a bunch and finally retired™. This is what it’s like to be smart, so I hear. I can’t relate…but I’m working on it. I don’t know any of these people because they don’t associate with my kind.
So my stats are off and not everyone hated life as much as many of us did. Oh well #math






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