you done

I made another bad choice this week. I decided to cut out caffeine and alcohol for two weeks. Now I have the worst headache of all time ever. Clearly I’m a part of Treadstone? Or perhaps her sexier, younger cousin Blackbriar?

If they get headaches and can do all that shit, why not me?

Oh, training, physical fitness, mental toughness and the fact that it’s a movie.

Got it.

You done?

Dashed dreams aside, I hope it’s from the lack of caffeine and not like, the lack of alcohol. I’ve cried to a few friends (you’re welcome) and not one of them has asked me if I was done yet. Missed opportunities. My friends are the worst.

The worst people.

You done?

I should take an advil or aleve or something but whenever I bring these headaches on myself (read: always) then I prefer not to take some medicine because honestly, I brought this on myself and I should feel bad so I do. Like, 99% of my headaches are from hangovers. That is, I don’t get headaches (not caring means no headaches btw) and when I do, it’s because I didn’t have enough alcohol the previous night. Obviously.

Minor headache after this night.

You done?

But not this time. If you just stop taking caffeine, within 48 hours you’ll get the worst headache of all time ever. Some may classify it as a feeling a sense of impending doom. Everything slows down, or maybe that’s just me slowing down, and your mind moves along in a fog. It’s like a cloud sitting on my brain. Here’s a picture of me feeling bad in the past and you can see how I feel now. 

No headache or toenails after this night.

You done?

I don’t really have a point to this post or this blog if I’m being honest, I just wanted to write bitch. But maybe the point is that my head hurts and I’m going to die?

No headache or feelings here.

You done?


It’s going to be a while. You better pack a lunch.