monthly challenges

Over the last couple of years, I’ve participated in (didn’t finish) some monthly challenges. I’ve also taken to uh…’running’ some monthly Facebook challenges. It started out as a way to raise money for charity (and it still is) but now that’s just an ancillary benefit. The primary benefit is for me and to see who on the Facebooks is dumb enough to do it.

Turns out there are lots of you.


There’s not much to running these since there’s no registration costs and I provide the patches. Just make a Facebook event, don’t invite anyone, and see the people come. Sometimes they get mad you didn’t invite them but really, if you invite someone that means you think they’re dumb enough to do it. So…you’re welcome.

These monthly challenges involve meditating, walking, running, rucking, 1,001 manmakers (the best of them all), leg blasters or losing some weight (3 or 6%). Most of the time, there are a handful of people who complete it. Running has the highest participation rate but maybe not completion rate.

1,001 manmakers though. That’s my favorite. Everyone who does it bitches and moans about it. It’s fantastic. You have 24 hours to do 1,000 manmakers plus 1 for the Airborne Ranger in the Sky. Most people take like 4-7 hours. The best is when someone does 5-700 of them, sleeps, wakes up and doesn’t want to continue. Thanks for doing manmakers for no reason, buddy.

You figure as much as I’ve put these on, I’d be in shape but you’d obviously be wrong. I’m actually like 0-5 in my 100 mile month challenges. If anything, I’m consistent. The closest I’ve gotten in the last year is ~85 miles. Then my legs were like ‘lol nah bro’ and that was that.

So this month we’re doing it again, bigger and better but somehow still the same 100 miles of walking, rucking or running. So no bigger and better? Just more current-er?

Note: every time someone asks if it can include their daily activities but no, this has to be extra effort. You’re welcome. Damned cheaters.

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