The Bomber Bash

I’m headed out to the 10th Bomber Bash car show this weekend and what do you know, there’s a GORUCK Light going on. So post with content and not just dumb rambling inbound next week.

Take a knee, drink water and pull security.

You know what I hate about road trips? When you drive and see one of those “Advertising works? Just did!” billboards. Like damn it, you got me. Or did you? Like I’m never going to call that number they have on there so does that mean it works? I guess so if I’m raging about it right now.

But back to Bomber aka Christopher Goad, the coolest GRT of all time ever (way cooler than Wric Eang) I met him before he got big-time famous. Actually he is the only mega-famous GRT I know. I mean, I’ve met some Selection finishers but they don’t post as much on the Tough page as he does. I also don’t drunkenly text them like I do Bomber. One thing when I met him people were calling him “Goad” or Chris” and I was like “who the hell is that? Bomber has a name?”

Woke up with a cone in our room. Hence Bee Yang shirt cones #history #yotb #cby #probablynot

If we go back to February 2013, you’ll find that there once was a ruckoff at Lee Harvey’s where a loud, tattooed, FB trash talking, shirtless hugging Marine, rolls up and gives everyone a hug. “Uh…OK old creepy dude.” The details of the night are fuzzy at best but it was related later on that, after many beers and Bomber showing me his broken finger, I threw up. It definitely was the broken finger and not excessive alcohol consumption.

Purveyors of good livin’ this weekend

So, Bomber. Solid dude. So solid he was paired up with me here at the Shreveport Custom GORUCK Light Class 025 that Doc coordinated. That was dumb. Buddy bear crawls? Also dumb. Especially when you get two fat guys with beer bellies who can’t actually buddy bear crawl.

Here he whispers that I smell like Budweiser.

He’s possibly one of the most tattooed persons I’ve ever met in my life. He’s got a thick accent so wait for one of his videos where he says “GRT” (jAHR tEE) and prepare to enjoy. Being that he’s from Shreveport, I don’t see him often because, well, I’d have to go to Shreveport and if you’ve been to Shreveport once then you probably have had enough Shreveport for a lifetime. Maybe two lifetimes if you spent more than a few hours there.


Always fun times at the Waffle House.

But not really.

So if you’re free this weekend, swing by Shreveport/Bossier City and check out the 10th Bomber Bash. They have food trucks, bad ass cars and incredibly, warm, welcoming people. Who else but Bomber would have the StarPower™ to have people come out from around the country to check out his event? Connecticut, Florida and well…Arkansas far-ish? New York is represented as well.

What’s up Q?

Also beer.

Like a ton of beer.

Hell, it’s at a damned brewery. The ruckoff starts at 12:00 PM tomorrow at Flying Heart Brewery! So come out and drink beers then GORUCK yourself in the face!!

[edit: Thanks to our first Team Lead (TL) for the event Will for correcting me! It’s also his first event! I will drink beers and think about what I’ve done]


I was there last year but I don’t remember much of it.

I heard I had a great time, though.