The bee-est of weekends

This weekend was fantastic. Keep reading if you want to be bored to tears. I managed to avoid leaving the apartment save for a few hours of walking and rucking Friday, Saturday and Sunday (nothing but reading was Sunday). Now my hamstring is all tight. The first and last time this happened was after the DC Memorial Day Heavy mediumest Heavy. I also finished Manhunt: The Ten Year Search for Bin Laden (we got him!) and somehow managed to squeeze in 3 naps on Saturday. That many naps isn’t even a record, come to think of it.

So I started mailing out some patches to my chat buddies. If you didn’t get one then I guess…we aren’t like, chat buddies? Kind of harsh for a Tuesday post. Or any day post. I sent a couple to friends who are kind of chat buddies but not daily chat buddies.

But I also get these kinds of messages from you people so I guess it works out.

Thanks Christina, ‘preciate it. Keeps me humble.

So my friends were all hanging out at a buddy’s house down the street and they invited me to go hang out and drink beers. I actually didn’t turn them down. Which is not normal for me. Not to say that I get invited anywhere but often when I do, I’ll turn it down. Maybe that’s related to not being invited more often to places. Sometimes I just don’t don’t want to be around people. When I do hang out with people, I need to drink beer in order to deal with it and after a few beers I get loud and obnoxious.

So I guess the math on that is that beers make me louder.