Habits! Not like Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (excellent film btw). Hey cool, my 101st post!


But your regular habits. Your routine. I suppose…your default position. Here’s a cool article from Pacific Standard about defaults. They say most high performers have set routines to help them be their most productive. That’s not me at all and I’m not sure when or why but I’ve fallen into a routine…probably because it’s routine and it’s easy. When I’m not trying to adventure my life, I will be at home reading a book, napping or occasionally, in the gym.

My routines will be better after this post…yep.

For my routine, I eat the same food (sup eggs/onepot dishes), go to the same grocery store (sup Albertsons), park in the same unassigned parking spot at my complex unless someone has stolen it (sup fourth spot past the tree) and I try to have a post on Tuesday. Just as a way of writing because I like writing but based on readerership, not everyone likes my writing. Basically, I’m the anti-Jason Bourne. Whereas he doesn’t do anything the same way, I do all of the things the same way and generally at the same time. Stupid routine. Here’s a clip that distantly has something to do with habits but it does have Jason Bourne in it so that’s cool.

My weeks are pretty predictable, go to work the same way, go home the same way, eat some food, talk shit to people on the Facebooks, read for 30 minutes, visit the gym or fake-check-in-to-gym ’cause that shit still counts, drink a beer, meditate (new to the routine but haven’t done that in a week), sleep, wake up, rinse and repeat.

I just really enjoy this .gif

I’m actually pretty happy with it. I’ve been seeing some minor, minor progress (well, when I stick with my routine for a couple of weeks at a time) in the gym- hey who knew being consistent with the gym and dieting paid off? Shit, they should bottle this up and sell it!!

That’s the old routine. New routine is going to be less laying around and more crushing workouts. This Bragg Heavy ain’t going to do itself. Trust me, I’ve been using that approach the last two years and it hasn’t worked once.

Every once in a while though, my routine will be thrown off. Sometimes my asshole friends will invite me out to do something sociable. Bastards, the lot of them. Here’s where I shine brightest and make up excuses but my default response is “oh I’ve got a thing then” which is basically me sitting on my couch reading my Kindle or crying about doing push-ups or maybe just crying.

Friends being friendly and shit.

We are, all of us, creatures of habit, and when the seeeming necessity for schooling ourselves in new ways ceases to exist, we fall naturally and easily into the manner and customs which long usage has implanted ineradicably within us.” ― Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Beasts of Tarzan

So…I’m the most boring person ever, got it.

Dunno what’s going on here.


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