A recent conversation I’ve had spurred me to write this post. it’s about being angry. Maybe it should be more irrationally angry. Like most of you, I get angry but unlike most of you, I thought I’d write a half-assed post about it.

Jumping around the Internets you can see that it’s easy to get angry about anything. There are lots of hot topic issues: Hillary, Trump, pro-life, pro-choice, guns, no guns, voter identity laws, Dallas Cowboys, climate change and other hippie shit. None of that really gets me ragey like it did when I was in my 20s and knew everything. Now I’m in my 30s and know even more about everything but the point is, I don’t get as ragey about it now.

Some of those are very admirable things to get ragey about. The Cowboys being the best team of all time ever is probably the best though. I can sympathize with a lot of the reasons for supporting this or that position but I’ve made my choice (Tony Romo greatness). Pretty sure everyone else has, too. Whether they’ve given it much thought or not. I’ve never convinced someone successfully to reverse their position on an issue and I have yet to witness it online. The only opinions I’ve seen successfully changed were the McDonald’s coffee lady one.

Cristina best Ina and were driving to the Beast when she asked me what shit sets me off. She mentioned that our politics are pretty well aligned but she doesn’t see me get ragey online. Which is true- I given up on commenting on shit because it’s just a big bitch-fest from all sides and nobody wants to listen. She gets big into it if you follow her Facebooks (and you should) . Eventually though, some people refer to their childhoods and start calling each other names. I’m over that as it doesn’t advance there conversation and I don’t really get involved except to Like comments. But back to trigger issues. You’ve got some, I’ve got some. Well, the major one I have that comes to mind is littering.

Doing my part to not litter!
You ever think you know someone and they seem normal as hell and then you mention one issue and they transform into their true selves? Like mention one of those trigger words and you will get someone going off. Then they turn into the Incredible Hulk. BEEP BEEP Back the truck up. Hold on…who is this?

People behind me were littering. I had to solve it.
Littering?! Disgusting. I think I’m easy going and don’t give a shit how you live your life but if you litter in front of me I will wish death on you. Like, if I see someone litter from a car I’m all “hey I hope your car blows up with you in it, awesome. Thanks for littering. Have a nice day.” I don’t get furious or anything like when you see someone road rage. It’s more of a disappointed/I hope you die and take everyone in your car with you feeling. I see that…escalated quickly. The amount of anger I feel is not quite proportional to the offense. I’m not entirely sure what’s up with that or why it’s my issue. Maybe I need counseling?

If I had a super power.
Open a pack of gum? I like to put the part you rip off back into a pocket and throw it away later. Someone I know litters, I’ll pick it up maybe. I’m not part of any Highway Cleanup Crew like I see on the side of the road. Not talking prisoner ones but more of this “this road is sponsored by CHICKEN EXPRESS CREW 108” or something. Guess I could get involved?

What sets you off?

I think I’ve seen parts of this movie.