the worst

I’ve been terrible at things lately. Well, more terrible than normal. My caring has gone down, my meditation time has gone up (maybe this isn’t terrible). I’ve been forgetting to do things, putting in the wrong address for orders, and booked my flight the wrong direction a week ago [that is, my friend* booked his flight the wrong way]. Unrelated…I got older. Like officially older. 35 now. Damn, one foot in the grave…

sneak attack on Eric. So he did a cool thing which I would’ve totally enjoyed if he didn’t do. He planned a get together for some peeps at Pluckers to celebrate the Cowboys potential 12-2 record after a win Sunday night. We got together, had some wings, had some beers, and many laughs. I also learned a new prayer. Dan Bailey, who are of Dallas…

They say that with age comes wisdom. But sometimes, old age arrives alone. In my most finite of wisdom, I’ve been forgetting to go to the gym. Not actually ‘forgetting’ but choosing not to go. That does not jive with my ‘be better’ series of challenges I’m trying to put on so you know, I’ll be better. So I’m forgetting to go to the gym. I won’t forget for the rest of the year.

Check it out, I’ve a confession to make…

When I say “for a friend” it’s usually for me. So I forgot I wasn’t going to do more GORUCKs and then I accidentally signed up for flights to/from North Carolina and accidentally signed into the GORUCK support site and accidentally arranged for a transfer of my only Heavy credit to the Bragg event. Damnedest thing, right?

accidental transfer

About that flight…I couldn’t find a cheap round trip so I just booked two one way flights. It was awesome until I realized I booked two one way flights to the same place. Good thing my return trip was on Southwest so I was able to change flights without any issues.

how to make a simple thing, difficult

Lastly, online ordering. I’ve done it a few times and I always check my address…until this time. I put the wrong address in for shipping my glasses and then FedEx delivered it to a non-existent apartment building. 99% my bad, 1% delivery driver bad for delivering somewhere that doesn’t exist. I called the apartment complex and they were like “no we check everything” so I dunno who would’ve signed for it, mofos.

Hey so maybe I’m just being my true, authentic self? The Bee Yang story, starring Bee Yang, as himself, a dumb ass.



Here I am doing my Usher ab impression. Pretty good, right?