I used my fireplace for the first time since I’ve lived in this apartment. That’s 2.5 years of no fires being lit where it needs lighting and that was fun. I definitely get more joy out of starting the fire than having an actual fire going because then I get paranoid about a spark flying out and destroying my apartment and all of my meager possessions but not really ’cause I don’t have that much stuff.

Plan is to reduce it to zero bookshelves.

And that’s all it is, stuff.

I haven’t blogged in a while and nothing interesting has really happened anyway. But I have made some changes in my otherwise boring (I like it boring) life:

-new workout plan (Wendler’s 531)

I’m really enjoying this because it’s one main lift a day and I can add in a lot more volume and focus on it a little better. That said, I was probably half assing my other workouts. With this, I’m going to back off from even attempting any cardio for the foreseeable future as the last few times it’s lead to some minor injury. So drop a few pounds and start back up on rucking and running. Let’s see how this works out in 2017.

I thoroughly enjoy spreadsheet making.

-renewed focus on mindfulness + meditation

This is fun. Every day, morning or night or whenever I make the time, I’ll spend five minutes focusing on breathing and then branch out into metta meditation. I’m working my way back up through the ranks of meditating.  Today, 5 minutes (sometimes twice a day!) and next year I’ll hit Nirvana…I’m certain of it.

Been listening to a bunch of podcasts about meditating. I should find a teacher.

-new glasses

I get a new pair every year but I actually got some from the place I get my eyes examined and they fit me for some glasses and it’s a whole lot better than random glasses from the Internets. Well, since I know what to look for now. I bought a new pair of glasses from the Internets ’cause I like to keep a backup pair in my car.

-new car

Got a new car. Which, ten years ago I swore I’d never do again #thedepreciator because that’s just dumb but I got a family discount code. So I got a small SUV so I could sleep in the back ’cause in my head I’m going on some road trips and camping adventures and would like to be able to sleep in my car from time to time, comfortable-ish. Ten years ago I knew I’d drive all of my cars into the ground but ten years later, turns out I didn’t know everything. I really don’t want to wrench on cars nowadays as I’d rather spend my free time reading, lighting fires, or doing nothing (most likely).

Farewell my Infiniti. Most reliable car I’ve ever had. In ten years, I only changed fluids, the battery, and hoses. Nothing else has been worked on (starter, alternator, radiator, headlights). Absolutely fantastic.

See, exciting life right? Not really, but it’s my life. It’s not all travel and GORUCKs and good times. It’s mostly good times though because I care even less about things. You can do that, you know? Stop giving a shit. While you’re at it, fire people who annoy you and otherwise bring unneeded drama in your life don’t actually have to be in your life. I don’t actually have drama-causing people because I mostly don’t care. Which is another good tactic.

From 10% Happier podcast (maybe somewhere else but that’s where I heard of it)- RESPOND, DON’T REACT – to life, slights, and wights (Game of Thrones).

FIRE…but now my apartment smells like smoke. There’s something relaxing about sitting in the dark and watching the fire work.