It’s a beautiful day

Damn I had a great weekend. It was filled with food, drinks, and merriment. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary except hang out with people. So…I guess I did do something out of the ordinary instead of being a shut-in and reading books.

I get to hang out with this dude. Been 17 months.

I died on my 1.7 mile run (slightly less death-y than the previous runs this week.) I started running again at a blistering 12’30″/mile pace because any faster would lead to actual death.

After work, I hit up REI, ate sushi at Ra, chatted with a buddy over beers about Stoicism, meditation, and whether or not the meditation is working or if I think it’s working and that the placebo effect is causing me to care less. Followed by an amateur Taco Bell 12 Taco Non-challenge (with crunchy tacos) and I even failed that. I think I tapped out at 6 tacos ’cause that’s how many I had in my fridge when I woke up. Which is only 1 less than the number of soft tacos I couldn’t finish when I tried to do it with soft tacos.

I have on my Jenks vest. It’s great vest weather.

I awoke with a minor headache, tacos in my fridge, and immediate, overwhelming sense of shame that I couldn’t eat 12 crunchy tacos, even cheating with drinks. But you can only feel sorry for yourself for a moment and I chose to not to let that ruin my day. So I read all morning and afternoon. At night, I went to Caravelle, ate some decent food, and caught up with friends I see about once a year. Steve from OKC asked me “so with all your GORUCK, when do you take your vacation?”

Fun conversation over meals should be a thing more often. For you, not me…because people.

For a split second, I wasn’t sure what he was talking about. But then it hits me – some people don’t know that these are my vacations. He thought I did these ’cause I hate myself – uh no, I just hate money. On the surface, these GORUCKs dosn’t appear to be very relaxing. It’s certainly stressful on the body, the mind, and wallet. But in a way, that relaxes me. Eric said it best, “GORUCK turns the volume down on lots of things.” Or maybe it turns up the volume on the important stuff. I actually like the sound of that better. Sorry Eric second best ric (RIC FLAIR WOOO is far superior). So really, Eric didn’t say it best. Idiot.


Sunday I woke up and continued reading The Dark Tower by Stephen King. This is the first series of his I’ve read but previously, I’ve read The Long Walk. I must say, homeboy can write. Pretty blown away by the quality. The only other new author I’ve read who was this good in the past few years is Joe Abercrombie and his The First Law series. Absolutely fantastic, both of them. I can kind of relate to those who were unfortunate (or fortunate) enough to have to wait for an author to finish writing (GRRM DAMN YOU) but GRRM is definitely not at Stephen King’s writing pace.
So that was the rare weekend where I actually had stuff going on instead of my usual weekends where I am decidedly less busy (and less bloggy). Both are weekends. Both are fantastic in their own way and maybe a hint of not fantastic if everything is related. This is not to say my life is perfect; it’s far from it. I’m out of shape, enjoy drinking a lot, I can’t read fast enough, my friends are mean to me, and I’m going to die alone. All problems with no solutions. Woe is me.

Got new boots for Bragg. That’s how you do it right? New untested sock/shoe combination.

Am I done? Never.

I’m taking a trip this week so it’s a short workweek which means more time for adventure and maybe that’s why I’m in such a good great mood today. Perhaps I won’t feel so great come Friday. Next post: Bragg prep. It should be a short post. Here’s a preview:

Ready to crush it.






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