Bragg Prep

That’s the $200 question: how do you get ready for Bragg?

Get ready for Bragg?

You won’t be ready for Bragg

Bragg knows you are dumb.

Well, for starters, I recommend you don’t spend a couple of minutes coming up with a terrible haiku. Not that I know what it takes to finish a Bragg Heavy as I’ve never been. But maybe instead of writing a haiku, those precious minutes could’ve been spent worrying about all of the training you didn’t do because you were resting or tapering. Definitely don’t want to get injured the days before, right? Better start tapering last week just to be safe.

Got my crew for Bragg!

How do you get ready for Bragg? Not by rucking and breaking in your  footwear, that’s not for me. No, I’m trying a new footwear/sock combination during the event because what’s the worst that could happen right? Get blisters, lose my big toenails? Please…that’s been going on since 2013 Heavy best eavy class 010.

New shoe and sock hotness.

How do you get ready for Bragg? With great Heavies come great opportunities. That is, great opportunities to buy stuff! And then not use it because apparently all the gear doesn’t matter, just as long as you have a little bit of gear and willpower. Or ability to be tough when you aren’t smart. Also, it helps when you count on other people to over pack and bring 10 pounds of food to offset your two Clif Bars.

This is how it starts.

How do you get ready for Bragg? You throw all your gear in a giant pile on your floor as you find stuff you need throughout the week. Then a couple of nights before you go through and pack it all up in your luggage. One ruck for the event. Rolling suitcase for the rest of your gear you’ll bring and not touch at all. Then forget one thing you really thought you needed so you get to buy another one after you land. Anyone else do that?

How do you get ready for Bragg? You don’t listen to me.

This would be an incredible entrance. After you figure out how to wrap the cast and then figure out how to vibrate so hard you can break it.

How should you get ready for Bragg? Train hard. Train often. Test your gear. Test your nutrition. Drink less beer (this one is dubious at best). Test your feets. I’ll do this for my next Heavy, should one come my way.


Drink a bunch of beer at night while packing, get Lyft at 05:15, go to gate without precheck, walk five minutes the other way to gate with precheck, get in bin precheck line, go to correct agent, get bonus screening from agent, and get bag swabbed because you brought hand warmer packets to a 40 degree event smh. I’m never traveling again for events.