Normally at the beginning of the week, month, or year, I half-assedly coordinate some type of challenge to be yourself, but better, or some BS that nobody’s buying but it goes like this:

  1. Do the thing
  2. Donate money to the other thing
  3. Get a patch

Which is all well and good but I don’t usually partake in it because I’m not that dumb.

@handleyspub best ub

Or am I?



Last October I set some goals up for 2018 that I wanted to start and my buddy from work said “you don’t have to wait until January” and no shit there I was, starting goals in November. Initially it was just to be off of FB for a couple of weeks (moderately successful, I had to login to link to a few other sites) and meditate every day in November (crushed it but that was rough).

Instead of having a public or private challenge for others, this time I’m going to do it just by myself. What this involves is being anti-social for the first six months of the year. Maybe the six months after it as well, just to make sure.

Chatting with a friend at work about someone’s theory that Amazon will buy Target for $41B and I had this realization that I’m obnoxious. Like, obviously I’m obnoxious now but if I had $41B then I’d be extremely obnoxious. Then I realized I’d probably just lay around all day eating and reading.
So basically my current life but with + $41bn

Bang, Yee 14:22: 41bn. That’s some Darb money. Man if I had 41billion I’d be obnoxious as hell.

Buffy, Darbara 14:23: hahah

Bang, Yee 14:26: Seriously think I’m annoying now? Damn. I’d probably just hide from everybody.

Buffy, Darbara 14:27: hahaa

Bang, Yee 14:27: But do it while being fabulously wealthy.

Buffy, Darbara 14:27: ’cause you weren’t before? I mean annoying. I’d do the same.

Bang, Yee 14:27: I see.

Excited af

But back to projectBee – I started a 13 week diet plan on the 1st of the month. It’s an odd number because it was supposed to be 12 weeks but I didn’t do a damned thing except eat that first week so hey, add on a week and now it’s a 13 week plan. YEAH

See you on the other side.


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