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What’s it say about you when you look at race results to determine out how slowly you can run a race and still finish?

Probably that you shouldn’t sign up for that race I guess.

Or maybe start training.


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It’s awesome right?

My favorite part about running is listening to all the neat sounds you can hear when you aren’t blasting out your ear drums with loud ass Adele or some dope ass 90s ballads. Some of the best times in my life are when I’m running in the dark and I’m just listening to life. It’s nothing crazy exciting like hearing a coyote howling in the background #survivalrun or the numerous airplanes flying overhead. I’m talking about the sound of your foot falls on the concrete. I’m talking about the crush of gravel under your feet. Shit, I’m talking about just hearing your ragged, dying breath. Or maybe that’s the sound of not-breathing when you can’t catch your breath. The sound of your keys jingling. The steady crunch, crunch, crunch of the ground for all of a quarter mile until I hit the paved trail again.

Dope-ass cloak.


I get into this rhythm of stepping, struggling to breathe, taking my next step, listening to my keys jingle, and then taking another step. Rinse and repeat a bunch until my heart rate is pegged to the max and I have to start walking again. That’s just to get out of my apartment complex and onto the nearby trail.

My favorite part about running is when you’re not running. It makes you appreciate shit more. Like how good life is when you’re not running. That your heart isn’t trying to jump out of your chest ‘cause that tiny ass incline just wrecked your shit. When you’re not running you can think about all the good times you have engaged when you’re not running. Or all the good times you’re about to have when you return to your apartment. Like when you get to just sit there and not run.

Minimalist training.


My favorite part about running is when you get into a rhythm and can think about stuff. I’ve had this reoccurring thought that nobody, well, most people, don’t start out just being good at running. I think about that all the time because it takes me a long ass time to run any distance so I’ve got some free time. I’m sure you know someone who is just good at running and well, that’s cool, but you’re not helping my story here. When I started/resumed running regularly I couldn’t run more than a quarter mile at a time.


quarter mile worst mile


Hell, that’s still a struggle. It’s a mental thing for me to try and power through.

That’s still about a quarter mile too far (thanks Mristina)

New rule – sign up for shit you ain’t ready for and get smoked. I guess that’s kind of like the old rule of signing up for shit and not training for it. Which isn’t a rule and more a way of life. Lifestyle? Brand?

What’s it say about you when you look at race results to determine out how slowly you can run a race and still finish?

It’s probably a sign that you’re dumb.

Not 100% guaranteed.

We’ll test it out and report back #wheresPhil #withTom and introducing #CSIaimee


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