quitting, volume 2

“What’re you going to do now? Write an AAR on how to quit a Heavy?” Cadre Montreal

lmao!! birch

uhhhhh yeah

BLUF- quit that bitch at the beginning #goquit

It’s hot

I quit my second event yesterday morning. It was great. It was on the beach and I had just finished the second lap of a 4 mile out-and-back beach ruck. I was doing surprisingly well on the beach ruck, too. Definitely under the 3:30 mark because Jimmie fucking Speck is a rucking machine who can power you to victory. That is, unless 1) you quit because you’re a bitch and 2) you’re not really feeling it and 3) you don’t want to walk 20 miles back to the start.

physically: fine, feet taping was great, no blisters or hot spots, no injuries.

mentally: fine, I thought I’d be beating myself up but after walking in the sun for five minutes yesterday I was happier with my decision. But maybe I have a quitters mindset now. I always joke about quitting and I’m never serious about it but shit, maybe that’s who I’ve become #quitterbee

If/when you quit, own that shit in the beginning. Not in the middle of the twelve miler at 04:00 AM.

Duck said it best “I came here to have fun and I wasn’t having fun.” That really resonated with me. We spent part of the day talking about why we do/did events and how that fire that used to be there isn’t there anymore. How we kept wishing injuries on ourselves so we wouldn’t have to continue. Oh there’s a hole in the ground? Let me walk by it and see what happens. Fortunately (or unfortunately) nothing happened. Maybe that fire is gone for good? Or maybe just at a low point. At any rate, the need to do one is no longer there.

team #goquit

That sucks because this is like the only thing I do (and talk about).

I came here to do an event with these guys and I didn’t. I essentially walked for 18 miles for no reason lol. Wait, what?

The best Americans. Glad they’re my peeps.

I’m taking a break. I don’t know when but I’ll be back, fire be damned.