do you hate your life

You ever have the thought “man my life is too chill and I hate it, it’s time to mess it up”? If so have I got the thing for you.

I was listening the to Joe Rogan podcast and his guest Jesse Itzler talked about one time he had David Goggins move in with him for a month and had him do some fucked up workouts.


4 Miles every 4 Hours for 48 Hours.

This is ridiculous. They were training for it by running 4.25 miles 4x in 24 hours (so a run every 6 hours).

While you can do this if you’re in ultra shape, this is one of those ones that sounds sort of easy at first (4 miles isn’t that bad) and then you quickly realize it’s torture given the frequency & length of time you have to do it over.

The only reason this is manageable is because it’s so spread out. You’re running 2 marathons in a day (48 miles essentially). Plan on saying goodbye to sleep for the weekend.

I’m not in shape enough to do that, mentally and lol @physically

So we’ll try the easy version with 4/4/24

4 miles every 4 hours for 24 hours.


Pick a day this summer and have it for 28 miles. Or 52.

Have it done by August 31 I guess. Or not.

Lots of people have expressed their interest in doing it. Lance, Phil, Tom, G, Eric Wang.






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