post-Heavy world

5 years ago I stepped off on my greatest GORUCK event – Heavy 10. It probably definitely wasn’t my greatest event but it’s definitely my most favorite. Or least most mentioned. I guess it was life changing. I’m going to get a tattoo to commemorate this (I’m lying).

I don’t know if any of those people do events still and I see them on Facebook from time to time. Many thanks to Eric Wang best Wric for the pics and shadowing. Can’t believe he shadowed for 26 hours in the heat. Idiot.

Some thoughts in my head during the event:

  • I have never wanted to quit something so hard
  • I knew I was going to drop dead out there in Austin
  • I quit having fun way earlier
  • I hated everything-
    • myself for being dumb enough to do this. stupid Bee.
    • GORUCK for being dumb enough to exist. stupid GORUCK.
    • the heat. stupid heat.
    • the food bag. stupid food bag.
    • my feet. I knew they were going to fall off. Only things that fell off were toenails and blisters. stupid feet.
    • silkies. My legs broke out in a rash at some point. Never wearing these again. stupid silkies.
    • stupid Bee.

It was such a terrible, horrible experience that I can’t stop talking about it. Can’t believe I paid to do that. So dumb yet so fruitful. If it was bad and you enjoyed it, was it bad?





One million percent.

Event takeaways

  • ask the cadre if you can throw away all the food. We did that at like…5:00 PM…so 21 hours into the event (when they started at 20:00/8:00PM) we dropped a 40 lb team weight (which smelled like brisket and a Summer Sausage).
  • concrete parking stops are not fun or light or in any way comfortable to carry
  • Hydrate like a mofo. I swear I drank 5 gallons of water that day. I did a two bladder rotation, one – with straight water and other mixed with Nuun and I’d pop salt tablets. Still cramped up like a bitch later.
  • Your feet ain’t ready for that heat. Fuck it, your feet just ain’t ready in general.
  • Knee pads are great for taking a knee. Silkies are not.
  • Best part was Jason J. Dude was just as intense for 26 hours as 4 other cadre were for any HTL. Must be an angry Ranger thing. They are all like that I guess.
  • To this day if anyone did an event with him I’ll ask them about it. Across the board everyone would be happy to not do another event of his.
  • Met one of my good friends who I like to not hang out with when he’s in town going to Medieval Times because my couch is closer. Also, this would apply to both Jason G and Jenks. Damn I’m the worst friend *goes back to couch*
It’s all fun and games and gross creek “water.”

We only did 32 miles. 4 hours through Barton Creek Greenbelt and no talking. I might have done more difficult events since this. I’ve gone farther. But nothing has been as intense though.

But what an amazing 32 miles.

Did this from memory a few days after the event.

This shit had it all. Rucking, PT, PT test, manmakers worst makers, creek action, ambulances, fire departments, blisters, maceration, false finishes, and crying. Oh man all the crying (on the inside) and to be honest, I might have teared up a little at ENDEX. Let’s not forget the bargaining. “We make it to this next target, I’m done. OK, next one, honest. Damn it, it’s a 5K back to the start point. Might as well.”

Two of these are not like the others.

Man I’m hyped up thinking about it and it’s 23:30 and I should get some sleep.



Austin Heavy 010

Heavy 010 part Deux