first world problems

I don’t have a complex life or what could be described in any fashion as “difficult.” My eyes work, my ears work, for all intents and purposes I am a normal, functioning human being. You know the saying “be kind; for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle?” It doesn’t really apply to me but it kind of does so humor me when I say I have some problems.w

They are more of the “First World Problems” variety.

  • a/c too cold in my apartment
  • too many massage credits
  • Coffee is too hot and i start sweating

I know they aren’t actually problems but they still give me a little bit of anxiety. I mean, I’m not the only one with these “problems” right?

It’s kind of why I canceled cable a couple of years ago. I felt guilty for not watching enough TV. Plus I had seen every episode of Castle on TBS (never caught up to the last season or two). Which is a little bit ridiculous. It’s fucking TV.

So a/c. I moved from my last complex ‘cause my a/c would die on me on holidays and just hot days in general. I liked the place, liked my neighbors whom I never met or talked to other than saying “Hello” but maybe that has everything to do with my sweet ass doormat.

Maybe I need to go digital?

My new place is awesome and the a/c works…too well. I set it on like 77 and it’s freezing cold. 80-82 is too warm for all day couch laying but is perfect for night time sleeps. So I think I’ve solved this one.

Related to the cable TV issue, I’ve been hoarding credits to Massage Envy for a minute now. I stop going because I’m usually too lazy to go and now I’ve got a year’s worth of massages I have to use. One good thing out of this is I plan to use them all this year and then cancel that sumbitch. So by 2022 I should finally get around to canceling that.

Responsibility talking to me like

My favorite problem – I can’t drink hot coffee. One, I always burn my tongue and two, it makes me sweat. So I put ice in it. I don’t know what I would do in a world with no ice. Not drink coffee? Or water that sumbitch down I guess.

Cold brew best rew

Anyway, those were the three most pressing problems of my week off from work. Not a problem but it’s still a problem if you know what I mean. Reckon that’s a good uh, problem to have.


Hardest part of my day today.