I’m not a perfect person (yet) but I’m working on it. Well, I’ve thought about working on it. I’ve been spending time here lately on introspection and some of my flaws. Here’s a quick rundown of my not-faults and faults. Note – this took a long time to come up with and I had to ask some people who were very willing to help name my faults.


_ O _ – _ A U _ _ _

  • very receptive to suggestions/advice
  • very social
  • shorts are too short
  • won’t shut up about GORUCK
  • Judgemental –
    • Don’t repeat phone numbers when leaving one? Dead to me.
    • Litter? Be gone from this earth.
    • Take too long to tell a story? UGH (actually I’m working on this one)

Anyone who knows me or has tried to give me advice like:

“hey, you should listen to…

“Dude you should watch…

“You would LOVE to hear…

“This one weird trick…

You’ll know that any response along the lines of “uhhh yeah I’ll check it out” is me lying to you. Now I’m more apt to say “I ain’t doing/watching/listening to that.” It’s the best. If it’s a good suggestion I’ll get around to it in a few years, maybe (ha!). But if I don’t…it’s ‘cause it’s a bad idea and you should feel bad. I heard that Windows XP was this shit. Gonna check that out soon.

F_ _ L T S:

  • I’m hilarious
  • liberal
  • likes beer
  • shorts are too short
  • too serious
Hits too close to home.

So that’s some of the things I need to work on and really, I’m only working on the not being quick to judge/speak when people tell me their problems. That bugs me because I think I know what the root cause is and I don’t want to wait another 10-120 seconds to hear about it. But I’ve gotten a lot better at not cutting them.

Just breathe, mofo. BREATHE.

Come to think of it, I might’ve mixed up those lists.