back up in your ass with the resurrection

Back up in your ass with the resurrection

No resurrection…I’ve just been busy not-blogging. I mean, you were probably doing the same amount of not-blogging. I guess that’s like the anti-hobby of everyone, actively not-doing other things. Not beanie baby? Sign me up. Shit, I’m already signed up.  Watching the Lions suck? Well, that’s everyone actually. Still better than watching college football/sports, right Tom

What’s been going on since? Well, not much – reading, not fitness-ing, a couple of trips, and recently building a computer a so I can game my face off. I just finished Asscreed (Assassin’s Creed) Odyssey and that was fun but not nearly as immersive as previous games but the world moves on.

I started the Honor Harrington series (it was always on the library shelf but I never got into it since it had so many entries) but it was a good series. I’m like 8 books in and had to stop. It was getting repetitive but I guess that’s what you get when you can binge a series. Hurry up GRRM and release The Winds of Winter (please and thank you). Now I’m taking a break and reading the David Goggins book. Loud and mother fucking motivated. I need to go back and do his challenges in the book.

Dallas at night.

Saturday night I linked up with Eric and G to go on a ruck around White Rock Lake. I forgot what it was like to ruck and Tom described it best by saying “it’s like walking but worse.” Again, why would you do that? I know why I don’t do that. My feet hurt and I’ve the beginnings of a blister. It was cold. Plus, that ruck is heavy. I say that’s all offset by the good company and conversation. Eric and I talked about gaming the ruck. “It’s overnight, I only need 2 out of my 3 liters.” Never change Eric.

Nicest thing G has ever said about me.

Travel: I went to NYC with my cousin Billy. That was fun. Ran into some friends from Fort Worth while out there. Ran once through a small part of Central Park so I can check that off my list (add it then check it off is the same thing yeah?) and then ate all the food. Sam invited me on a road trip to Jacksonville which is 15 hours one way and terrible enough yet Eric made it worse by saying “30 hours in a car” and shut the hell up Eric nobody asked you to make it worse. Be you but not around me. Maybe actually change this part Eric.

Still, about halfway through the ruck we had this realization that we could just hang out and not do anything involving rucking and/or PT. I think that happens all the time but by then it’s too late to do anything about it. Until next time, fellas! Which will be in about a year. I’m busy until then. I actually only went out because that was the first time I’d seen Eric in 2018.

litrly me

I’m turning 37 today. Old as hell…I remember in college when someone said they were 20 and I thought “Damn you old”. Still, it’s all good once you start getting older I hear. Some of the benefits are your clothes fit better, you need less caffeine, and my favorite, that when you wake up your joints don’t ache for no discernible reason. You’re always feeling good and ready to take on the world!


What’s good:

  • Family is awesome
  • Friends are awesome (Jimmie, Phil, Jenks, JB, etc)
  • Monster energy drinks
  • Healthy-ish

What needs improvement:

  • Fitness x 100
  • Resume
  • Meditation practice
  • Self

Definitely have a long way to go and hopefully there’s never a finish line so you can’t be content or complacent. You can always be better. I have to do better to remember that. Feel free to remind me.