fixing people

I read a quote last week or ten years ago, it doesn’t matter when because I’m it’s all one giant blur now, anyway. The gist of it is that you need to stop trying to ”fix” people because a) they probably don’t need fixing and b) that’s just your ego talking.


Shit hits home.

This is actually one of my resolutions for the year/life and I started working on it over the last week or two. It’s hard to shut up when you’re used to not shutting up. Really though, who am I to try to fix someone when I can’t even fix myself?

I know I offer unsolicited advice frequently and I can’t help it. It’s not actually advice if I just like to hear myself talk, right? Well, it turns out I actually can help it by shutting up.

I’m not perfect (yet) and I have some faults (just a couple…hundred things to fix) but I’m working on it. How are we working on it?

Resolutions yo.

What’s the best way to show a resolution or work-in-progress?


Used to be when I would think of montages I would think of Rocky or Top Gun *checks watch* scene but I realized I’m more into the The Cutting Edge kind of montage when DB Sweeney is training and has those ice bags on his hips. That’s the not-sexy side of any of this. I can’t find that clip in particular so a regular training montage will have to do.

Also, toooooooooe pick.

But looking back on the year, you realize you can’t go back.

So instead of worrying about going back, let’s watch Rocky because Rocky training montages are so good. I like this one with “let’s start buildin’ some hurtin’ bombs.”

That shit gets me hyped AF (thanks Jeannie)

Day zero-one montages are whack though. It’s just you being incompetent. I’ve been incompetent for 37 years now. Time to not

Here’s the rest of my list we can all safely ignore:

meditation – I missed 24 days last year. Here’s to only missing 23 this year.
writing – actually write regularly
be fucking positive – I could be more positive (I won’t though)
don’t be awkward (fucking done – patch me)


budget – eight years later this is happening
minimalism – get back to minimalism aka buy less shit


lifting (deadlift, squat)
mobility (ignore this one because we’re not supposed to talk about it)
cardio – none because my foot is jacked up. Probably a result of being extra awesome.

Here’s to shutting my mouth in 2019!