angry bee 2019 edition

Man I’ve been in a weird, angry place lately. All last week (well, beginning of the week until I took Wednesday off like a lazy scrub – scheduled sick day? unscheduled sick day?) I’d wake up, drive in to work, and be rage-y at people on the road, get to work, work my way through some coffee, and realize I was rage-y for no reason.

Can you be a raging asshole for just part of the day? Or is it an all-in commitment throughout the day? Jimmie? I need an expert ruling here. Or any of you who would lay claim to the Throne of Assholery, enter your thoughts here. Can you truly be an asshole if you admit it (some would argue that yes, it is totally possible). I’m not trying to get out of being an asshole, or claiming to be an expert on them, but I’ve met some bigger assholes in my day and surely, we all have.

I don’t know if I’ve told everyone (but most people I chat with know I’m a giant bitch) but I’ve been dealing with some tendinitis in my foot for the last three months. It’s totally G’s fault by the way, thanks @G you bitch.

Totally his fault I’m a fat scrub who doesn’t ruck anymore but hey, let’s ruck around White Rock Lake ’cause it’s only 9.0 miles but if you take my shortcut it’s 9+ miles. Actually, they’re both roughly the same distance when you go left/right on the southern edge of the lake mofos. To prove my autist claims I mapped it using; this has improved tremendously since I last used it. It auto-follows trails now holy shit!

G, Breaker of Tendons. All hail His Grace G Dargaryen, First of His Name, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Lord Paramount of the Crownlands, Lord of Dragonstone, King of Meereen, and Khal of the Great Green Sea
G cut
Bee cut

What’s up now G?

Does this make me smarter or lazier?

But I think the foot is an excuse for me to be a giant jerkface. Apparently, I took it out on that poor skunk last Thursday (poor guy). Hell, I drove by him on Thursday and he was there. I’ve thought about getting a shovel and burying him but then that’s on airport property and that might involve a host of other issues. Instead, I decided to not buy a shovel and instead just feel bad because I am a (reluctant|accidental) killer.


So back to the foot, I’ve been scooting around on this dorky knee scooter that G let me borrow because he’s a nice dude but also because the box is freaking massive. It’s weird how not limping around on your injured foot helps to heal it faster. Certainly my doctors didn’t know that (they actually did and suggested not walking on it).

Anyway, I got a massage on Friday and dozed off a few times and my leg feels much, much better. Now I can’t be mean to people. I probably will get more massages to see if I can get back to 99% because at this stage in the game, there ain’t no 100!

I’ll cut a bitch. Thanks to Man Dorales for his strong image game.

I’m not angry but I’ll cut a bitch.






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