Suffering! We’ve all done it. Some more than others and I guess that means some less than others. I’ve suffered before – certainly not as much as most of you and obviously my tolerance for it has gone downhill since The Beginning. “Beginning of what?” you might ask and maybe…my existence? That’s all I can judge it by. My suffering of late has been of the First World variety and it’s entirely self inflicted.

Shocker but my suffering is not true suffering.

Everyone suffers, I think. Maybe hope? Some of it is your own fault. Other times, someone else is the cause. People out there just foist-ing shit upon you. Hell, anyone who knows me suffers just from our relationship alone. Mostly the suffering is one way. Yes, it is a burden you bear (but feel free to not burden yourself, no hurt feelings).

Actually, suffering is mostly your fault.

Of the 10 of you who read this, we’ve likely met via self-inflicted suffering. Is it self-inflicted? Undoubtedly. We have almost quite litrlly paid for people to punch us in the face. There’s generally very little punching but there is a lot of bitching, grumbling, side eye, and overall pissy attitude. Oh, more bitching. And pee. So much pee.

But check it out, my buddy Tom did a thing (I guess Rob is a buddy? Sup Rob?) and he was commenting on his amazing “lack of fitness” (he’s fit, just maybe not as fit as others in the same event – I wasn’t there and I am the last one to say anyone is not fit) but at the same time, his ability to be hit repeatedly with the fists of a beat down and persevere, we’ve all got that ability in us. Some more than others.

Here’s some real life footage of Tom some weekend at The Ultimate Suck:

I’ve lost that desire to endure suffering myself. Shit gets hard? Pass, thanks. Let me off at the next stop. No need for that. I haven’t touched a weight in forever. I am now worshiping at the altar of Zone 2 (which is fantastic by the way, thanks Phil) and just generally walking my ass off.

Anyway, what do you do to yourself to make yourself suffer? I guess suffering is the real reward (along the way). I hope you’re all rewarded richly.


suffering (countable and uncountable, plural sufferings)

  1. The condition of someone who suffers; a state of pain or distress
  2. See: Tom Zuck


The Suck

Wiktionary – Suffering