2021 musings


*rummages in trunk for shot glasses*

“I know they’re in here somewhere.”


*gesturing at house*

‘…I have a whole ass house [with shot glass location known] behind me dude.’

I’ve had a wild two months. Way too many socials – some of it forced and some of it poor decision making on my end.

Let’s start with the bad – in August I signed up for a first-weekend-in-October half marathon because…someone asked me to? I guess that’s a good enough reason to do some things. Didn’t crush training (shocking) but showed up and ran the sumbitch anyway. Everyone from there says OKC ain’t hilly but (also shocking) they’re all wrong. That sumbitch was nothing but uphill the whole way through somehow. Just needed snow to complete the crotchety old man story.

Follow that up with:

  • uncle’s funeral (bad)
  • my buddy John’s wedding (good)
  • a friend’s funeral (bad)
  • camping in Oklahoma at my other uncle and aunt’s new house (good)
  • my buddy Jason’s wedding reception (good)
  • a cousin’s in-law’s funeral (bad)
  • a cabin rental in Missouri (good)
  • a weekend off (good)(good)(good)(good) x 3

That’s like a year’s worth of events for me all in a matter of weeks. I don’t know how you could possibly do more than that.

I have eyebrows again and no longer rollin’ with the monk brotherhood.

I’d like to go ahead and thank everyone for not dying (oof when I’m wrong), getting married (oof when I’m wrong), or partying next year (oof when I’m wrong). I’m all booked up with two events next year.

That said, I have some ideas in mind:

You’ve heard of 75 Hard? How about 30-ish Medium? starting around January. 

Followed up by Caffeine Free February (this is not a popular deal if you can believe it)

Mileage March (this might be a thing)

Alcohol April (this is definitely not a thing)

I'm resting
I probably won’t see you next year. You’re welcome.