Zombie apocalypse survival

Why would and why would you *NOT* survive the pending zombie apocalypse?

Here’s why I would or would not-

Survive: I can sit on a metal folding chair for ten hours a day every day of the week. 

Not-survive: I can’t drink hot coffee ‘cause I burn my tongue and I start sweating.

Chances are most of us won’t make it just on numbers alone and not on preparedness/unpreparedness. Let’s assume this is a worst case scenario, let’s say 90% casualty rate and just bad weather. Like 40 degrees and high humidity right?

This isn’t a serious question but I guess what do you do that your friends harshly judge you for (metal folding chair – for gaming/work) that you would take as a badge of honor? What is one of your biggest first world problems that is a world ender (hot coffee)?