’22 food spend

We were at happy hour tonight and chatting about food spend – takeout, delivery, and dining in restaurants. As my peeps were talking numbers, I was thinking about how I ate too much Taco Bell, got way too many drunken pizza deliveries, and that it was going to be a bad number but hey, let’s see what we’ve got. Good thing I didn’t have to break out spreadsheets and all I had to do was look at my credit card spend analyzer…bam! $2100. What’s that, $175/month on eating out or getting food delivered (usually pizza or ihop) or getting other to go food. It certainly doesn’t feel like I eat takeout that often or go through a drive through but call me a liar.

As Kai Ryssdal says “let’s do the numbers” and BOOM, Player 2 hits you with a conservative $24k last year. Player 3 said $36k and my dudes I am living in another dimension ‘cause WTF.

The best part of all of this was relaying it to another chat, enter Player 4, and they said “that’s not bad. Per month, right?” like LMFAO LET’S GOOOOO WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION

In my mind I am living a life of excess with my 17 Taco Bell adventures last year but obviously I don’t know a damned thing. Since I’m single, maybe my average is the same as theirs but clearly the math isn’t there. $12k/person annual average up to $16k/person annual average and look at me, I need to go out and eat more.

Taco Bell is calling and I must go.

That’s a lot of words to ask you what did you spend last year on takeout, delivery, and restaurants?